About Poietikos Editions

Poietikos Editions

an independent imprint

That which is creative must create itself.

— John Keats

All works of art are based upon personal vision,

and the greater the art, the more surprising the vision.

 – William Butler Yeats

Poietikos Editions is founded on the following beliefs:

  1. For literary-minded people, writing books is not a business but an art.
  2. Some kinds of book – novellas certainly, and suites of lyric poems – must be published independently, because the marketplace ignores them.
  3. A worthy book creates its readership – if not today, tomorrow.
  4. The author makes the work and should not compromise in its production.
  5. The only way to judge a literary book is to peruse it as a work of art.

Poietikos Editions

Saint John, New Brunswick

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